"hatton black leather heavy punch bag"

Hatton Heavy Punch Bags - PU

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Develop powerful punches with these PU heavy punch bags which can withstand the hardest hits over and over again.

Manufactured with high-quality dyed leather, the Hatton Heavy punching bags are hand stitched for superior quality and long-lasting durability

Following extensive research and product development, each bag is filled with a unique filling that ensures ultimate performance and durability and that the bag will keep shape after continuous use.


  • Contains a max-impact foam lining offering protection to the fighter during hard-hitting sessions.
  • Comes complete with a six-hook chain to ensure maximum safety and support.
  • Hatton Heavy Bag offers a solid, but absorbing punch bag that allows you to train harder for longer.
  • Comes complete with a six-hook chain.
  • Hand stitched for durability.


100 x 40 bag weighs - 35kg.

130 x 40 bag weighs - 45kg.

Warranty: 1 year