Disinfection and Decontamination

With the recent out break of Corona Virus Balance Leisure has teamed up with Finaghy cleaning to support our customers.

Finaghy Cleaning has over 25 years experience and specialised training in supporting all types of businesses across Ireland. They have Specific PPE experience working in clean room environments for the Pharmaceutical industry and specialised gowning and breathing protection requirements.

Deep Cleaning Service

Our Deep Cleaning service involves use of a disinfectant chemical (PX Formulations-Virucidal disinfectant) currently used in hospitals dealing with this pandemic to clean the infected areas. This physical clean includes cleaning of walls, floors and all internal room fittings. Once the deep clean has been completed the area will be ready for use immediately.

Whole Room ULV Disinfectant Fogging

This service involves the use of a ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging machinery which sprays optimum droplets calculated at 15 microns that will be carried in the air like a fine mist or fog. The disinfectant mist like fog will engulf the whole room, even hard to reach cracks and crevices that conventional treatments fail to reach covering all surfaces to provide thorough sanitisation of possible contaminated areas.

ULV Disinfectant – EN14476 as used by the World Health Organisation is used for sanitisation.

A full report will be produced after each visit.

Please get in touch for more information or a quote.

Email: service@balanceleisure.com

Tel: 028 90 603053