"Physical Company AIREX Balance Beam in Blue"
"Physical Company AIREX Balance Beam in Blue close up"
"Physical Company AIREX Balance Beam in Blue on mat"
"Physical Company AIREX Balance Beam in Blue on mat"
"Women exercising with Physical Company AIREX Balance Beam"

Physical Company - AIREX Balance Beam (Blue)

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Specifically designed to aid injury recovery and improve clinical balance, the Airex® Balance Beam is ideal for improving posture and stability.

Its unique design and properties constantly challenge the body, recruiting more muscle fibres, whilst stimulating the joints and fascia system.

Easy to clean and has been treated to inhibit growth of fungus and bacteria.

Balance Beams are perfect for improving posture, coordination, balance and most suited to injury prevention and physiotherapy.


  • Manufactured from sanitized closed-cell foam that is durable yet soft
  • Specifically designed in the shape of a conventional balance beam
  • Do not use trainers when exercising with the Balance Beam
  • Dimensions: 1600mm x 240mm x 60mm deep
  • Warranty: 1 year