Barbell Racks (EMPTY)

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Robust, stylish design, and minimal gym floor footprint are just a few of the attributes of these barbell storage rack.

Taking a small space on your gym floor, its upright and forward facing design allow you to store upto 5 or 10 barbells at once. These barbell racks incorporate enhanced re-engineered steel, 3mm thick and fully welded - ready for any lifting zone

Built with the lifter in mind, its open design invites exercisers to utilize the barbells in their workouts. Equipped with J-hooks to easily unload and load barbells securely.

Finished in a premium, durable gloss that increase the aesthetic appeal while reducing the likelihood of scuffs and marks from general usage.


  • Storage for up to 5 Barbells - from 10kg to 45kg (H1420mmxW830mmxD790mm)
  • Storage for up to 10 Barbells - from 10kg to 45kg
  • Rubber feet for secured stability on the gym floor
  • Sleek style with enhanced steel