Crebisol x10 - 5 Litre (2 pack)

Crebisol x10 - 5 Litre (2 pack)

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Crebisol is a unique multipurpose, multiple environment disinfectant cleaner and has achieved significant independent certification to date which includes a Log 8 kill rate for MRSA in 30 seconds which is effective for up to 72 hours in an active biofilm when dry. However for optimal protection and bioactivity we recommend a 12 hour cleaning interval.

Moreover, the product also has been clinically tested to meet EN14476:2013 + A2:2019 requirements for Coronavirus, EN13704:2002 requirements for C-Diff and to EN14476:2007 requirements for Norovirus (Vomiting Bug).  Furthermore we are Eco Friendly and Crebisol is completely biodegradable and safely breaks down.


  • 5 Litre - 2 Pack
  • Ready to use
  • Suitable for use in electrostatic sprayer

How Crebisol x10 works

The biocidal activity of Crebisol works by the active compound bonding to the protein wall of the membrane of the virus or bacteria, breaking it down, and forming a biocidal monolayer. Crebisol penetrates the cell structure, destroying the organism, rendering it in-active.

The biocidal activity remains active when dry in an active Biofilm for up to 72 Hours. However for optimal protection and bioactivity we recommend a 12 hour cleaning interval.

How to use Crebisol x10

  • Remove visible soiling
  • Ensure trigger spray is facing the intended target area
  • Simply spray directly onto surface and allow to stand for 30 seconds
  • Wipe over with clean damp cloth and allow to dry We recommend using microfibre cloths and/or mops to wipe surfaces.
  • No need to rinse


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