Supaflex Power Bands

Supaflex Power Bands

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Excellent multi-purpose Bands; suitable for agility drills, jump training, speed training, strength training and rehabilitation.

These bands can be used on their own or in conjunction with other equipment for added resistance. Available in five colour-coded sizes. The wider the band the more resistance offered. Maximum safe stretch approximate 150%. Contains Latex.

Power Band Resistance Testing based on % elongation:

Level 1: 1- 1.15 x 6kg - 2 x 9kg

Level 2: 1 -1.15 x 9kg - 2 x 11kg

Level 3: 1 - 1.15 x 11 kg - 2 x 13 kg

Level 4: 1 - 1.15 x 18kg - 2 x 21kg

Level 5: 1 - 1.15 x 27kg - 2 x 32kg


  • Multi-purpose, multi-level Power Bands
  • Every band has a wall thickness of 4.55mm
  • Progressive resistance levels that make these bands ideal for all fitness levels
  • Multi-layered construction for enhanced durability
  • Colours and logos may vary


Excellent service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Balance Leisure if you are sourcing home fitness equipment.

Tony McMahon

Great advice and superb after care service

Joe McKee