"Physical Company Wooden Gymnastic Rings"
"Physical Company Wooden Gymnastic Rings close up"
"Physical Company Wooden Gymnastic Rings close up"

Wooden Gymnastic Rings

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No longer exclusive to gymnasts, Wooden Olympic Rings offer one of the most grueling upper body workouts and are ideal for tremendous gains in upper body and core functional strength.

Featuring in calisthenic training and CrossFit, Olympic Rings are excellent for body weight workouts such as push ups, pull ups, dips, rows, muscle ups, chest & flys and many more.


  •  Wooden Olympic Rings used for Gymnastics, CrossFit and calisthenic training
  •  Natural wood gives superior grip within chalk even when hands start to sweat
  •  The 38mm nylon straps can be easily hung over bars, power racks, beams, eye bolts, ceiling mounts or trees and secured in place using the height adjustable metal buckle
  •  Max Capacity weight 680kg (340kg per Ring)
  •  18ft Gym straps
  •  12.5 diameter rings, 28mm grip
  •  Set of 2

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