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Balance Leisure is much more than a commercial equipment and service provider, we specialise in delivering solutions to our customers. To enable us to deliver a best in class service, we have teamed up with the world’s best fitness brands - StairMaster, Schwinn, Nautilus, Star Trac and Physical. This enables Balance Leisure to offer the best products to cater for your needs across all ranges-HIIT, Strength & Conditioning, CV, Functional, you name it, we have a solution that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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Balance Leisure is the exclusive distributor for StairMaster® in Ireland.

StairMaster® knows what it takes to make the toughest workouts, pioneering the stepmill and taking HIIT to the next level. We’re a trend forward brand that will continue to lead the way in fitness training with innovative products and our unique style of encouragement that dares you to challenge yourself and push through the pain.

Check out our full StairMaster range here.



Balance Leisure is the exclusive distributor for Schwinn® in Ireland.

With historic roots in outdoor cycling, Schwinn®’s focus has always been on authenticity and quality. We brought the feel of the road to indoor cycling with the same expertise and education that drives the industry forward. Schwinn is an informational and educational source for all things Indoor Cycling.

Check out our full Schwinn range here.



Balance Leisure is the exclusive distributor for Nautilus® in Ireland.

Nautilus® invented the entire modern strength training category 50 years ago, and we have been reinventing it ever since. We never innovate for the sake of fads, bells or whistles but to provide a fitness experience that naturally fits human movements. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Check out our full Nautilus range here.

Star Trac


Balance Leisure is the exclusive distributor Star Trac® for in Ireland.

With Star Trac®, we’re with you and your members at every step. And it goes beyond providing cardio products. It’s about solutions designed around users to help mould lifelong habits for health and fitness. For facility operators, it’s about relationships that are just as strong and enduring as the equipment that bears our name.

Check out our full Star Trac range here.

Physical Company

Fitness provision has changed dramatically over recent years, with ever larger spaces being allocated to free weights, group exercise, functional and small group training.

This shift in focus has brought our expertise to the fore; we specialise in everything today’s fitness spaces should be built around, from flooring to functional equipment and programming, rigs to combat, studio accessories to wellness solutions to complementary innovations from best-in-class manufacturers.

We let each unique space dictate its needs, then create exceptional training opportunities.

This is why our mission statement is ‘First for Fitness Solutions’ – because we should be your first phone call. However large or small your fitness space, we’ll work with you from concept to installation and beyond to ensure it exceeds expectations.

It’s time to think differently. It’s time to turn to Physical Company first for your fitness solutions.

Check out our full Physical range here.


Founded in 2008, ZIVA is the global innovative fitness brand rooted in the ancient Taoist philosophy of energy and balance. Standout, inspirational design and precision-made, high quality manufacturing has been at the heart of ZIVA from the beginning.

Our mission is to create functional products and digital solutions that not only achieve what they are designed to but also that inspire and engender real pride, providing athletes and enthusiasts alike with a transformational platform designed to achieve their goals.

Innovation is a driving force at ZIVA, as we have learned to harness the power of change to constantly improve and offer always new products and solutions to our partners around the world.

Check out our full Ziva range here.

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